Funny quotes from my son

I had posted this topic on another blog awhile back, and I had it on my mind today while we were out shopping. 

Once, about a year ago, I was riding with my son in the car, and he suddenly said, “Dad – I am carsick.” 

Uh oh.  Obviously, I hit the brakes and began to slow in anticipation of stopping the car.  I said, “Do you feel sick to your stomach?”

He said, “No, I meant I’m homesick.”  He meant that he was sick of being in the car. 

I thought it was interested how different the definitions are for these two words.  “Homesick” means you really want to go home, but “carsick” means you might soon throw up. 

Speaking of which….

Not too long ago, we were travelling back to Austin after visiting my mom in Dallas.  We stopped at one of those combination Subway-Burger King-Shell station places to use the restroom and get a snack.  As I was getting my kids out of the van, my son was climbing out.  He looked behind me and said:

“Uh oh.  It looks like somebody lost their lunch.”  I was worried that I might have stepped in something, so I turned to look, and just behind me and to my left, there was a brown paper lunch bag with a soda can sitting next to it.  He LITERALLY meant that someone may have set their lunch there on the parking lot and forgot it.  Obviously, I had something different in mind altogether. 

It’s funny how literal kids’ minds are sometimes, and how we as adults have so many unusual phrases and sayings that we use without a second thought. 

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