“Getting Better” Scenes from Movies – I wish we could use them with clients

My wife and I developed a theory about movies back when we were dating, and it has held true over the years that we have been together.  Many, many movies have what we call a “getting better” scene.  If you are not familiar with a “getting better” scene in a movie, this is how it works:

  • A person, couple, or team of people is faced with a challenge (or a new relationship is forming)
  • An upbeat, lively song begins to play
  • A montage of rapid-fire happy (or hard-working) scenes are shown during the song
  • The scene resolves with the project completed or improvement done or relationship stronger

This is a device that has been around for a long time.  At one point, we thought that it started in the 80’s with some of John Cusack’s early work, but I know that the original “Rocky” movie included multiple getting better scenes.  We also have seen early evidence of this in older movies, but I honestly can’t remember which ones and I guess I am too lazy to research it right now.  The point is still a valid one.

One of the funniest spoofs that I have seen for this type of scene appears in “Naked Gun”: Montage Scene

These scenes are typically used to move the story along a bit faster, to get us from Point A to Point B without dragging things out unduly.  I remember another scene from “The Breakfast Club” where they used a getting better scene to bond the characters together a bit more, and it only took a minute and a half: Classic Scene 

80’s movies are simply filled with these scenes – “Flashdance”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Top Gun”, “Splash”, “Wall Street”, “Big”, pretty much any movie that was mainstream.  They didn’t stop using these in the 80’s, but I can more readily access these in my memory banks.  At any rate, you get the picture (no pun intended).

So, back to my original title and idea for this post (which my wife assisted with).  Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the “getting better” scene with our clients?  Imagine this:

You receive a phone call about a listing.  After speaking with the potential buyer for about 25 seconds, a song begins to play (this song would do nicely perhaps).  Cut away to a lender meeting with the client, then a brisk series of shots at various homes, with you laughing and having a great time with your clients, perhaps a quick lunch with them, then 10 seconds of writing the contract, and 10 seconds of light-hearted negotiations.  A few seconds of inspection footage, then it’s you and the buyer enjoying each other’s company at the closing table.  THAT’s how real estate should be done, right?

If you work with sellers primarily, then it would be you getting the same initial phone call, but the montage scene would primarily involve getting the property ready to show.  Painting, cleaning, supervising, all in a minute or two, then happily closing, with the sellers receiving a briefcase of actual cash.  Why not?

As we all know, real estate is not easy most of the time, but it can be fun.  Inject some humor into your day and have fun with your clients.  They will thank you and they will send you more business.  I promise!

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