All of America Wants to Know: Who Will Be Jason Crouch’s 100th Associate on Active Rain?


I have been slowly watching this scenario emerge for the past week or so.  I heard mention of it on drivetime radio.  I saw a story on page three of the Wall Street Journal.  Andy Rooney talked about it on "60 Minutes' this past Sunday.  At last, the day has come.  Sure, the Cowboys beat the Packers last night, which is all well and good, but the important story lies here, right here, in my Active Rain profile. 



As I am now sitting with 99 associates on Active Rain, only one question remains: who will step up to the plate and add me as an associate to put my number of associates into Three Figure Town?  Will it be a longtime friend who realizes that they never added me?  Will it be a newbie?  A complete and total stranger?



During the recent Presidential debates, candidates from both parties certainly had their share of disagreements, but they were all unified on one thing: they expressed a sincere interest in joining Active Rain in order to become Jason Crouch's 100th Associate.  This prestigious honor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, much like Halley's Comet, or Marisa Tomei's 1993 Oscar win for "My Cousin Vinny". 



I plan to work around the clock in deciding on the victor in this contest of wills.  Bribes will most certainly be a part of the decision process, as will sincere phone calls and sob stories.  There is no cash prize to be awarded, but your esteem in the real estate and/or mortgage community will instantly be ratcheted up several spots.  Fame is yours for the taking. 

Grab the ring!  Become my 100th associate.  Soon enough, another story will fascinate the media and millions of curious eyes will turn to a new tale of intrigue and suspense: "Who will be Jason's 200th subscriber?"*



*Please understand that there may be no winner announced here in either contest, as I don't want to be the one responsible for wreaking havoc in the life of the victorious member.  If you have ever heard of the "curse of the lottery winner", then you know what I am talking about.  The current cash value of the certificate to be awarded is 1/100 of one cent.  Current associates and their families are not eligible to participate, but they are dearly appreciated nonetheless. 

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