Our Verbal and Funny Toddler


 Simply put, our 20-month old daughter, Abby, is hilarious.  As I write this, I am watching her as she gingerly places stickers on her head, which is soft and blond with not too much hair. 

All of our kids are funny and entertaining, which is why I have had ample material to write about 10 posts on them so far.  In fact, there are many of my subscribers and regular readers who like these posts the best of all.  I hope this post does not disappoint. 

We have noticed a pattern that I may have mentioned on my blog previously.  Abby's favorite current phrase is "I want ____, tooooo!" even when she has no idea what she is asking for.

as in "I want water, too!"

Or "I want meat, too!"

Or perhaps even, "I want the Cowboys to win the Superbowl, tooo!"  Actually, maybe I need to teach her to say that one.

 You can imagine my surprise when I was greeted one morning with, "I want CO2." 

What?  I was thinking, "Just exhale, sweetie – you will quickly have some carbon dioxide."

"I want CO2!!"

"OHHH.  You want cereal, too!  Of course."


Later, as I was reading (or perhaps blogging a little), she approached me and yelled, "No rapes!"  What could I say?  "Hear!  Hear!  Rape is a crime of control, and I think it's terrible.  We should…"

"No rapes!  No rapes!" she hollered, while handing me a grape-shaped teether.  Oh.  I see.  No grapes, indeed.

The other humorous statement she makes is "Uh oh."  I realize that it doesn't sound funny by itself, but it almost always comes in conjunction with her throwing something on the ground (not exactly an accident).  My wife coined the phrase, "Uh throw" (pronounced UT-throw), so now we say it every time.


On the cute side, her latest greeting is "Hi, Daddy, hi." to which I must always respond, "Hi, Abby, hi."  I sometimes wish that she could stay this age forever.  She is so chipper most of the time, even when she gets sick.  Sometimes, I even rate a "tuddle" (cuddle).  I don't think that life gets any better.  I thank God every day for my beautiful and supportive wife and my three awesome kids.

Thanks so much for reading this one.

P.S. It took me awhile to finish this post due to interruptions, lest any of you were thinking that I was watching my daughter with the stickers at almost 1:00am Austin time (see first line of post above).  She has actually been asleep for several hours.

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