My Kids’ Greatest Hits – A Collection of All Posts About My Children

Ever since I started blogging, almost every week I have had a post about my children at some point.  Since a good number of my subscribers are here for that very reason, I thought it would be nice to collect all of these posts in one place.  That way, I can link back to this post in any future kid-related blogs to make it easy to find these.  I am planning to edit this post over time as new articles are written.  I am also considering grouping all of my humorous articles in one place, and all of my Localism stuff.  I just thought it might provide a quicker way for me and my regular readers to find something of interest if needed or to refer back to a post. 



FUNNY POSTS  (at least I think they are funny)

Funny quotes from my son 

Three funniest things my kids have said this week

My Toddler Daughter's Current Favorite Show

My kids are future comedians!

Is My Son the Next Henny Youngman?

Where is Art Linkletter when you need him?

Laughter is the Best Medicine – My Funny Children

Three Funny Kids in my House

Human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria! – LIFE WITH A TODDLER

Our Trash-Talking Toddler

Halloween Memories – Childhood to the Present (Not as Long as it Sounds)

Our Verbal and Funny Toddler

Wow! That was really awful! Our Christmas parade experience last night

Join Me and My Family on Our Recent Trip to the Mall – You Won't Regret It!

More Quotes from My Children

More Kid Fun at Our House – My Toddler is a "Monk" Fan Now

My funny and intriguing son




Family Time is the Best Time for Me! No Real Estate Allowed Today

Halloween at my House

A Night Out With My Kids – "The Bee Movie"

Christmas Time is Finally Here!

The only day of the year that my kids get up before I do

Simply put, parenting requires flexibility

Love Songs for My Family






I Love My Daughter's Artwork – Just a Post to Brag on My Kid

Bragging on My Son and A Dance Party, too! Can it Get any Better?

Pictures from my Son's 9th Birthday Party

Come to my House for Christmas! – Okay, maybe I should have invited you sooner?

My Two Daughters


As always, thanks for reading my blog! 


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