More Kid Fun at Our House – My Toddler is a “Monk” Fan Now


My children continue to provide a source of entertainment and joy in my life.  I feel blessed beyond measure to be their dad.  Recently, our toddler, Abby, who will 22 months old soon, has coined a few new phrases that I find funny. 

"I want pick up my Abby".  This is self-explanatory, I suppose, and she is really just mimicking what we say ("I'm gonna pick up my Abby.")

"We wow." =  "Right now", as in "I want carry Abby we wow." or "I want to see Dora we wow."

Lately, I have noticed an interesting new trend.  I am a fan of the TV show "Monk", and when I watch it, Abby says, "See man."  Tony Shalhoub is the star of the show, and anytime he appears on the screen, she says, "man" or "see man". 

Surprisingly, earlier she actually REQUESTED to watch "Monk":

"I wanna see man." 

Alright, honey.  Let's see the man.  It is easier for me to watch than some of the other shows that she enjoys (please see my previous post about "Caillou" here – My Toddler Daughter's Current Favorite Show ).

 Speaking of Caillou, please allow me to give you a bit of background information so that this next part will make more sense to you.  The primary kid characters on the show are Caillou, Rosie, their friend Sarah, and another friend, Leo.

Here is the verbal progression that Abby has gone through in asking to watch this show (in other words, this is how she has referred to the show over time):

  • Tattoo
  • Tai-too
  • Caillou
  • Caillou-Rosie
  • Cai-Rosie
  • Rosie
  • Sarah

She basically will just ask for random characters from the program, so it is required that we remain well-versed on the cast.  You will notice that Leo has never made the list yet.  Perhaps it's because he is kind of a dork, or maybe it's the fact that he is a minor character. 


Truly, I feel that parenting is sort of like "Jeopardy" sometimes:

ME: Alex, I'll take "Characters from Caillou" for 400.

ALEX TREBEK: This two-year old girl is Caillou's little sister, and your daughter idolizes her.

ME: Who is Rosie?

ALEX: That's correct.  Your next selection?

ME: "Picky Eaters" for 600, Alex.

ALEX: This type of food makes your son run screaming into the night.

ME: What is a vegetable?

On another note, the most recent phase for Abby is the refusal to remove her shoes or jacket, even at bedtime.  She prefers to wear a hooded jacket (with the hood up) and her nice brown shoes for some reason, regardless of the time of day. 

When we try to coax her into removing her shoes, it is necessary to provide a great and extended distraction, or she will get pretty upset.  With that in mind, she wears her shoes pretty often, as you might well imagine.

Right now, we are watching "Monk" together while my wife is out shopping.  I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Abby is wearing a pink fuzzy hoodie with butterflies on it, along with her diaper and brown shoes.  Big surprise, huh? 

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As always, thanks for your time. 

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