Word-of-mouth marketing for one of my favorite TV shows

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by their taste in art.  I feel that the same is also true for television shows.  I wanted to write this brief post as a plug for a show that I think is absolutely hilarious.  It never fails to put me in a good mood, and my wife and I highly enjoy this program.  Recently, I stumbled across the first season DVD at Barnes & Noble, and I was ecstatic that it was finally released.  Having spoken with Paul Slaybaugh a lot on the phone, I know that he is a fellow fan of this show.

What show am I referring to here?

“Flight of the Conchords”, which is on HBO, is a comedy about two musicians from New Zealand who sing humorous songs.  They have exactly one raving fan (who is President of their “fan club”) and a straight-laced agent named Murray.  They are an actual Grammy-nominated band, but the show is fictitious, much like ‘Seinfeld”.  Since it’s on HBO, the humor is PG-13 in nature, as they are able to push the limits more than a traditional network show.

Every single episode that I have seen so far has provided at least two or three bouts of laughter when we are watching.  Like any good comedy, it is hard to describe, but well worth watching.  I sincerely hope that this shows gains a large following so that it will stay on for years to come.  The second season will start sometime this year, but for now they have been re-airing last season’s episodes.

Here are a couple of sample videos to give you some idea of their brand of comedy (the first one is a clip of them in concert, not from the actual show):






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