Inspired by Song! February Contest Announcement!


Well, it's that time again already.  Yes, it's time for the latest song contest for our group "Inspired by Song!". 

Since this month's contest will end the day before Valentine's Day (we wouldn't want to impinge on any  romantic plans), we have decided that the theme for February will be "Inspired by Love Songs". 

Clearly, this is a broad topic, as there are thousands of good love songs to choose from.  In face, while I was browsing one list of the Top 100 Love Songs (this list is mainly for weddings), I found a couple of dozen songs that I could easily write about if given the chance. 


Perhaps there is a love song that reminds you of your spouse or a particular time in your life.  Maybe it's a modern song that you just like hearing on the radio.  Maybe it's just a love song that makes you laugh.  It could be in any genre of music.  It could even be instrumental.  Regardless, we want to hear your story about which love songs send your heart soaring. 

Since we've ended with ties in every contest, we are going to change the system for picking the winners, starting with this month's contest.  Please see the rules below for the details.



  • The post must be tagged INSPIRED BY LOVE SONGS, but you can title it however you would like.  Please understand that improperly tagged posts will not be judged and will not receive any points for being in the contest.
  • This contest is a bit more subjective, so please feel free to write about whatever you would like with regard to love songs.
  • Please do not list a number of songs and YouTube videos with no explanation.
  • All entries must be submitted between February 3rd and February 13th.
  • Only one entry per person will be allowed.
  • Post your entry in the groups Inspired By Song! and Active Rain Addicts.




The judges will be the founders of Inspired By Song!  (Adam Waldman, Paul Slaybaugh and Me).

Any comments made during the contest will not be an indication of the final results.



Grand prize winner – 1000 points

500 points to five honorable mention posts

200 points for entering the contest (These points are in addition to the 200 points that you receive for every post, and whatever bonus points that you get for comments from Active Rain).

**Due to the fact that the judging is very difficult, we have expanded the number of possible prize winners.  It is still possible that we could have a tie for the Grand Prize, but we will not exceed six total winners.**



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