311 + 10,080 = Two Big Milestones for Me Personally

I was excited a couple of days ago to hit my "half-year anniversary" here at Active Rain (see Six Months in the Rain Already? Where did the time go? My personal retrospective).  Sometimes, I feel as though the last six months have gone by very quickly, but when I think about the depth of some of my friendships here, it actually seems longer. 

I just wanted to take a minute to say a big THANK YOU to all of my subscribers and to those of you who have read and commented on my blog since I started here.  Since I am not particularly talented with graphics, I did not create a mosaic of photos for you, but you know who you are, and I appreciate you greatly


This past week, I passed two big milestones!  Well, at least they seemed big to me.  I passed the 300-subscriber mark (now at 311) and the 10,000-comment threshold (currently at 10,080).  Granted, some of those comments were from me, but since I have no way of tracking that separately, I will just go ahead and celebrate now.


So, without further ado, I present the TOP 1000 COMMENTS that I have received on my posts! 

Of course, I am joking.  I could no sooner choose my favorite comments than I could choose my favorite child.  I will admit that I have received a few comments that would fall into my "least favorite" category, but thankfully I can count all of those on one hand.  I guess I really don't write controversial stuff, as I am not here to debate or argue, but to make friends and network (hence the name ActiveRain Real Estate Network). 

I must admit that I am super-happy to have so many people subscribed to my blog currently.  At any rate, I was even able to use this fact to help on a recent listing appointment.  I would also encourage you to use your experiences here to help market yourself to prospective clients.  Please don't tell me that "super-happy' isn't a real word, because I know how I felt.

 Thanks to Active Rain, I have found myself saying, "I wrote an article about that and I can email it to you." OR " I've read a lot about that subject online lately." OR "I have a friend who is an agent in that area, and I hear that the market is….". 

I am proud (or super-happy, if you will) to have moved up to # 13 on the Top AR Bloggers list (see http://activerain.com/topbloggers).  I look forward to the next six months and to getting to know more of you out there in the Rain. 

Thank you for your time, and for allowing me to be a little bit self-congratulatory for a minute.


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