150,000 Points Already? That Seemed Almost Insurmountable Six Months Ago!

I want to thank all of you who have been regular readers, subscribers, and commenters on my blog.  I was happy to see that I hit a new and reasonably important milestone for points today.

I had originally planned to time this post to put me over the 150,000 mark, but it actually happened sometime while I was asleep, thanks to some bonus points that hit overnight. 

When I started actively on AR in early August, this number seemed ridiculously out of reach, but here it is.


I sincerely debated over whether or not to post on this topic at all, since I don’t normally like empty point celebrations (i.e. posts that are strictly about points).  However, I did want to recognize this milestone somehow. 


For some odd reason, I can distinctly remember hitting 30,000 points back in mid-September while my family and I were traveling in San Antonio.  I wrote one post during that trip, about blogging on the road.  I remember thinking that I was making some serious headway on the points.

At some point along the way, coming up with topics for my blog just got a lot easier somehow.  I guess I tend to think of it like the old Tootsie Roll commercials:

Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a blog topic to me.

Basically, I guess I pretty much write about whatever I feel like.  So far, it seems to be working, so why stop now?  Speaking of which, you might as well click and watch this 1970’s gem – it’s only a 30-second clip, after all:



Interestingly, I didn’t actually commemorate the 100,000-mark, which happened in mid-December sometime.  I guess I was just busy thinking about the holidays and a bit worried about how slow things seemed then.

I look forward to seeing what the year will bring, not just for points, but for continued learning, teaching, sharing, referrals, Google juice, and more. 

Thanks again for your support!

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