This is the hardest post that I have ever written – An Update on my friend David

This past week, I have been spreading the word about the finances of my friend David Wilder and his wife, Jan, who have been struggling mightily following David's recent cancer treatments. 

MANY of my ActiveRain friends have stepped up in support of David and Jan, both by sending money and by writing posts to inform others. 

A few days ago, Jan mentioned on her blog that they took David to the ER because he kept having fainting spells and he became weaker virtually overnight.  The doctors did a CT scan and things were a bit uncertain until today.

This morning, Jan posted a message on her blog confirming the sad news:

The biopsy results came in on Saturday morning and they were not what we wanted to hear. The cancer has come back raging and has wrapped around most of the major organs in the neck area. Dr. Brown has informed us that there is nothing left to do that hasn't already been done to get rid of this type of cancer. Although we are very saddened by the results because of our selfish nature and desire to have those we love near us, I know that he will be much better in his Father's arms. I don't know the exact time or day but Dr. Brown indicated 2 weeks to two months. I would like to encourage each of you if you would like to come see him, please don't hesitate. Please don't call just come. David is fully aware of what is going on and of course is at peace knowing he will see his precious Saviour soon. When you come he may be sleeping and it is ok if you would like to wake him up. His ears are clogged causing hearing problems and his vision is blurry if you get too close to his face. But if you stand on the side of his bed and lean over him and speak loudly he will know who you. Don't feel like you can't wake him up because chances our during your visit, he will close his eyes and rest. He is back on a pain medicine that drips continuously so he is out of pain for the most part. Hospice is getting involved on Monday to see about setting us up at home so that we can be there. If you want to wait and come by the house rather than the hospital you may elect to do that which is fine. If you plan on bringing your kids, which is fine, a home visit would be best. I know that this news is not what we all hoped for but we will choose to rejoice in David's death just as he rejoiced in his life. That is not to say that we are shutting the door for a miracle. We are listening for our Father's voice and would ask that you stand firm in prayer with us requesting God's will to be done.

This will sound strange if you don't know me very well, but the thought of losing David is actually harder for me than losing my own father. 

He is the type of friend who has been exceptionally loyal, loving, and supportive for the 13 years that I have been blessed to know him.  I have been crying my eyes out tonight, yet I am comforted tremendously with the certain knowledge that David will be with the Lord soon, and out of the extreme pain and misery that he has undergone for the past year. 

If you feel led to write or send anything to Jan at this time, let me know.  I am praying for a miraculous healing, but barring that, I pray that David's passing will be peaceful and swift, so that his suffering can end soon. 

I am hoping to see my friend one more time before he leaves us, and it tears my heart out to even consider that right now, but I must tell him how much he has meant to me.

I realize that this is a lot to share on a network this large, but so many of you have asked for an update that I felt that I must share this.

God bless all of you who have helped so far, and I am sure that Jan will still need financial help if you feel led to assist in that area.  I don't know what David's life insurance situation was/is. 

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