Family Ties Group Recap – April 14th – April 21st

Welcome to Family Reunion, the weekly recap for the AR Family Ties group.  YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN THE GROUP if you haven't already done so.

We increased to 297 members this week.  Additionally, we moved up to 2048 posts! Crossing the 2000 post mark is huge.  Of the 3453 groups on AR, only 51 have crossed this threshold. 

Welcome to all new members, and thanks to those who posted!  Keep in mind that any member of the group can invite other members to join. 

Below is a selection of my some of my favorite posts to appear within the group over the past week or so, including one of my own.  If you like any of the posts below, please consider subscribing to the author's blog.  I personally subscribe to ALL of the bloggers included here.




Life Changing Events: My B.A. Day by Christine Bohn 

I won't ruin it by divulging what "B.A." stands for in this case, but suffice it to say that this is an enthralling post.





We're proud of you sweetie!   by Todd Clark

Todd is my buddy in Oregon who is also living a parallel life to mine (same age, three kids, same profession, homeschooler, etc.).  I enjoyed this post about his daughter.





Jessica's Saturday Evening Post – 4-19-2008  by Jessica Horton

Jessica's husband Jason is the wind beneath her wings, so to speak, and this post is a tribute to him.





On the road again…    by Jesse Clifton

Jesse is a good friend and a fun writer.  Enjoy this inspirational post about travelling and living life to the fullest.





Give her an inch and she'll take the tub… by Deb Brooks

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Deb in person at the AR Gathering in Bandera, Texas.  She is a great lady and this is a memorable post.






Ken and his wife are feeling this tight market and things are stressful around his house.  I like his outlook on things.  Plus, he earned a new subscriber (me) with this post.


Ken earned dual-post status in this week's recap with his heartfelt post about his baby girl.



My Boy is going to have a Baby! The Stork is Headed for Dover, NH  by Sharon Tara

I enjoyed Sharon's writing, and I am a new subscriber to her blog.  Check it out if you have a minute.





Random Discussions with my Wife  by Jason Crouch

Take a ride in the Crouch family vehicle and eavesdrop on me and my wife as we discuss silly topics.




If you haven't joined or even visited the group yet, here is the description that I wrote there to give you some idea of what we are all about:

First question: Is this a fan club for the 80's sitcom? No. I just wanted to think of something memorable for this group. This is meant to be a fun place to escape the daily drama of the real estate industry. Please feel free to post any family stories or lessons here. We envision this as a great place to share funny stories about kids, marriage, siblings, parenting, or anything family-related. Posts may relate business to family life, or they may be about striking a healthy balance between career and life. Welcome to Family Ties!

So come on over and check it out!  We're like one big happy family in this great group!  If you aren't visiting this group, I can assure you are missing out on some terrific writing.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!




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