How to Navigate the “Blogs” Page

I have been on ActiveRain now for just over nine months, and the time has passed rather quickly.  During my time here, I have poked around the nooks and crannies in an effort to learn how to find things that interest me.

One of the first pages that I look at every day when I log on to AR is the blog dashboard, which is found by clicking on the “Blogs” link at the top of the page, just to the left of “My Home”:

After clicking here, you will be taken to the blog dashboard, which shows the latest blogs in the “Professional” category as the default.  Sometimes I will scan through these for something interesting.  Other times, I want to see only the blogs that I subscribe to and regularly read.  How do I bring up this list?

On the blog dashboard, in the upper left hand part of the screen, you will see this:

You can click on the ActiveRain logo to go to the AR homepage.


You can click here to go to your own blog or to write a new post.


There are a lot of options here, some of which you may not have ever seen.



As you can see, the Professional, Most Recent, and This Week options are preselected as the defaults when you initially visit this page. 

Let me go through the various options contained in this small space next to Show:

  • Featured  – As it indicates, clicking on this link will display all of the most recent featured posts
  • Professional – Displays all posts that are categorized as “For Real Estate Professionals” when they are posted. 
  • Consumer – Displays posts designated specifically as “For Consumers” when posted
  • All – Makes no distinction – simply displays every post
  • Subscribed – This is the first one I click on each day.  It brings up a list of the most recent posts by those people on my subscription list.

For Order, this is really quite self-explanatory.  How do you want them displayed?  By the Most Recent post, Most Active post, or in reverse order by the Last Comment received?

I don’t think I need to explain the Time feature here. 

So, here’s something fun to check out from time to time.  Which post(s) have had the most comments EVER on ActiveRain?  How do we find this?  Easy.  Click on All, then click on Most Active, then All Time.  You will see the posts that managed to garner the most comments in descending order. 

Today, the post with the most comments has 1104 comments.  There are four posts with over 1000 comments right now, from four different authors.  I had a hand in hijacking three of them.  Curious?  I will let you go take a look for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this tutorial.  If you are looking for additional tutorials, I would highly recommend looking at the Help/FAQ group (there is also a link at the bottom of every page for this).

Have a great week!

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