My Friend Amanda Hall’s Motivational CD Jams – Yes, you read the title correctly

Earlier today, I received a call from the phone of Amanda Hall.  Notice that I didn’t say that Amanda called me.  She apparently bumped the phone somehow (maybe in her purse or console) and it dialed my number:

ME: Hello, this is Jason.

FROM AMANDA’S PHONE: Muffled sounds, followed by ambient “car” type sounds.

ME: Hello……….Hello?

AP: Distinct driving musical beat.

ME: Amanda?  Helloooooo!

Then, from the other end, I can hear Eminem speaking.  It is the intro to “Lose Yourself”, from 8 Mile, Eminem’s movie debut.

I called her back to explain what had happened, then she returned my call to apologize (no need).  Later, she revealed that one of other songs is Dave Matthews’ “I Did It”, and that there are a total of 12 additional songs on the CD.  She plays this en route to some of her appointments, which makes me imagine her storming in fiercely demanding business in the aftermath of the jam session.

So, you are probably wondering what the other tunes are, right?  “Eye of the Tiger” is far too obvious, as is the theme from Rocky.  Amanda is a complex person.  Of course, I can only guess, but I would imagine these songs are likely candidates, in no particular order.  These perennial hard-driving favorites are unquestionably motivational. 

Of course, it goes without saying that it will help to picture these blasting at full volume in Amanda’s vehicle:

“Babalu” by Desi Arnez – I doubt that there is a single motivational mix in existence without this old standby.  The predominant Latin artist of his day, Arnez was the multitalented precursor to Gloria Estephan and J-Lo.

“Baby I’m a Want You” by Bread – This 1972 classic is mellow, to be sure, but Amanda mentally changes the lyrics to “Baby I’m a List You”.

The Love Boat Theme Song – No explanation needed – this is quite possibly the finest theme song from television history.

“Rhinestone Cowboy” by David Hasselhoff – I frankly didn’t even realize that Hass remade this Glen Campbell tune, but I feel confident that this one made the cut (Amanda is a huge fan).

“Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band – A brave choice.

“Midnight at the Oasis” by Maria Muldaur – Live, extended version, of course.

“The Christmas Song” by the Chipmunks – My mom is in town, and this one made HER nostalgic.  Amanda is a special gal.

“The Shadow of Your Smile” by Englebert Humperdinck – This inspirational theme brings the adrenaline and intensity needed for proper real estate focus.

“PFFT You Were Gone” from Hee Haw – I used to watch this miserable program with my grandparents from time to time (they loved it).  I was traumatized by it.  However, Amanda is my friend, so I can overlook her taste here.

“Harper Valley PTA” – ??? Wow – I am floored by this choice.

“Could’ve Been” by Tiffany – Truth be known, Amanda is a fan of most redheaded singers.

“Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr. – Many have tried to match this original, but only the late, great Sammy does this one justice. 

Feel free to chime in with some other suggestions.  Who knows?  I might be wrong. 

I welcome your input for my friend below. 

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