A Message from a Real Estate Veteran to the Rookies

Dear Rookie Who Might Happen to Stumble Across this Post,

I remember my first year in the real estate business vividly.  I had been co-owner of a small printing and marketing company, and most of our customers were Realtors.  After doing that for awhile, I began to realize that the people making big money as agents (at least that was my perception) weren’t necessarily all that spectacular, and I had a revelation that real estate was not rocket science.  Why not just get licensed and sell houses?

“List to Last!”, we were told.

“Buyers are liars.”  That one started to seem more accurate at the time.

Read this book.  Check out this program.  Visit this seminar.  My head was spinning.

While I am certainly glad that I chose this path 11+ years later, I still look back on that first year and wonder how I made it through. 

I made about $13,000 that year, although it would have been more if I had a better and clearer understanding of human behavior as it pertains to real estate.  That being said, my partner and I lost far more clients than you could imagine, usually for reasons beyond our control.

One musician client was the tour drummer for a big-name act, and he was loyal and ready to purchase from us.  Unfortunately, his manager stole his money and left the country.

We worked with an older couple in west Austin who chose the luxury home that would work best for them, then they were forced to divert their attention and funds away in order to help their son in a custody battle with his ex-wife.

There was the lady who spent a ridiculous amount of our initial months looking for the perfect place, only to decide to stay put.

I could go on with more examples, but I won’t.

The point is, starting in real estate is tough, no matter what your background isYou are starting a business, and as such, there are a lot of variables involved.  However, if you can plug away and manage to stick around for more than 2 or 3 years, you will likely begin to make some good money. 

There is an intangible quality of stubbornness or persistence or hunger that you can almost feel with some new agents.  These are the ones who will make it.  I was that guy back in 1997 as a rookie.  I even wore a business suit to look a bit older!  However, my clients would often give me the business because they could tell that we were “hungry”.

I am in the process of hiring for our company as we speak, and I am amazed at some of the resumes that I have seen and interviews that I have conducted lately.  I am a great mentor/coach/teacher, and thankfully over the years I have developed a keen sense of what it takes to make it in this business. 

I have built my business on my personal integrity, and I would advise you to do the same.

Our business is growing nicely, but it could definitely be better this year.  When the national economic scene makes a turn for the better, we will be poised to do very well. 

The same goes for you – if you can make it during these “lean times”, you will come out the other side and wonder how it ever seemed so difficult.  You are up for the challenge.

If you ever have questions, feel free to call me.  I don’t mind, and I am a nice guy.  Just ask anyone who knows me.  My cell phone number is 512-796-7653 and my email address is jason@austintexashomes.com.

Thanks for reading!

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