Jason, is that the same shirt from your old profile picture?

After being told this week by a marketing professional that my previous profile picture made me look blind because of the dark sunglasses, I decided to switch again today to a brand-new photo, taken about ten minutes ago in my front yard.  He told me that he actually thought I WAS blind for a few seconds, then realized that I probably couldn’t sell real estate very effectively if that were true.  In an ironic twist, I was actually guilty of making fun of my friend Lisa Heindel awhile back by telling her that HER previous photo made her look blind, so we reap what we sow, I guess. 

At any rate, please welcome a new peach-colored shirt for your enjoyment.  This should make me very easy to find on the dashboard at this point.  I started on AR last August with a photo of me wearing a different shirt that was quite similar in color to the one you see now.  When I switched to a black shirt in March/April, many of my regular readers, friends, and subscribers complained that I was too hard to locate. 

As always, there will be an adjustment period, but I like the new, more “approachable” look portrayed here.  As with my previous pictures, if you don’t like it, don’t bother telling me.  You can gossip to others, but I am pretty sensitive, so keep the negative comments away please.

Thanks for your patience as I sort out what the heck I want to look like on my profile. 

I hope you are having a terrific Fourth of July weekend!  We are headed out to see some fireworks shortly –

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