Do you ever take your kids to showings? Well, I did it today.

My wife was super tired and just generally not feeling well this afternoon.  In fact, without getting into details, I will say that the previous statement was a major understatement.  She was teetering on the brink of exhaustion.  She really needed to rest somehow, yet I had an appointment at 5:30, so I did the only thing I could think to do at that point. 

I rounded up all three kids and took them with me to my showing.

My kids are 9, 7, and 2, so this is no small feat.  The older two kids are very easy, but taking a toddler is at least a little brave, right?  As I was about to walk out the door, I discovered that I needed to change a dirty diaper, so that delayed our trip by a couple of minutes.  I think my wife might have thought that I was just offering to take them in order to be nice, but the four of us were in the van and on the road.

I was meeting with a young couple that wanted to see one of my listings in Round Rock.  I called ahead and let them know that I was bringing the kids, and they were fine with it (or at least they were polite enough to say that they were).  When we arrived, the buyers seemed excited about the house and about seeing my kids, which was cool.

The showing went really well, all things considered, although I had to keep a close eye on the little one, who started getting a little cranky right after the buyers left.  She wanted to play with all of the toys in the house, and it was tough persuading her to leave.  Actually, “persuading” may be the wrong term.  Perhaps “grabbing her and leaving amidst tears” would be a better description.

If this particular couple buys my listing, perhaps I should bring my offspring along to every showing?  Actually, I am not at all superstitious, so that probably won’t happen, but it did go smoothly.

I wanted to let my wife get some good rest, so I took the kids to eat at Bennigan’s, which they loved.  I had a lot of approving looks from the staff and other diners, as if I were doing something really noble by eating dinner with my kids without the assistance of my wife. 

We then went to Half Price Books (the Crouch family’s favorite store) to hang out for awhile, and we bought a few great books, then got some ice cream from the grocery store for them to enjoy when we got home. 

My wife got a long nap and four hours sans children, and I got some quality time with my kiddos.  Overall, I would happily do it again. 

Thanks for reading about my afternoon!

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