Pflugerville Pizza and Wing Pfactory – Restaurant Review

About five minutes from our home sits the Pflugerville Pizza and Wing Pfactory (not a misspelling – this is how things are typically done around here, as evidenced by my recent post about the first annual Pfireworks Pfestival).  We had tried to visit this establishment not too long ago, but I think we went on a holiday, and they were closed, so yesterday was our first official meal there.

Our two-year old has been slowly pushing her nap later into the day, so she decided that 6:30 would make a nice time to konk out in the car on the way there, so her visit was spent asleep in the stroller next to our table.  Our two older kids were hungry, though, so we were anxious to get some food.

As you might well imagine from the name, the Pizza and Wing Pfactory specializes in two menu items, but they also offer sandwiches, salads, and a wide-array of high-fat appetizers, such as jalapeno poppers, pepperoni rolls, “frings” (which are a combo of fries and onion rings), potato skins, and more.

They have two large flat-screen TVs that are probably normally used for sporting events, but we watched an entertaining new show called “Dance Machine”, which featured some of the worst and funniest dancing that I have seen on national TV in my lifetime.  The entire restaurant was laughing at some of the contestants, but I have a feeling that this was part of the producers’ plan.

The ambience is pretty much standard casual diner decor combined with a touch of sports bar, with football team banners and beer ads gracing the walls.

We opted to actually have some pizza, since I was planning to write this review today, and I thought it might be a good idea to partake of something that should be their strong suit, since it appears in the name of the restaurant.  We decided to have a large pizza (14″), with half Canadian bacon and pineapple (for me) and half Pfactory Garden (veggies – for my wife).   The kids both decided to have corn dogs with fries.  The other kids’ menu options were grilled cheese or chicken tenders. 

After a reasonably long wait, they brought out our pizza, and they had messed up one half, so they gave us a 15% discount on our bill without us even complaining.  To me, that is the hallmark of good service, when an establishment offers an unsolicited discount for an honest mistake.  We will likely return.

The pizza was really quite good, with an unusual crunchiness to the crust, more like a cracker in my opinion.  We both enjoyed this, and it is a place that we will likely frequent after church sometime.

The kids food was pretty basic fare, but they enjoyed it, and they each got some vanilla ice cream for dessert.

The total (pre-tip and post-discount) was almost exactly $25 for a family of four, so it definitely won’t break the budget.  I would recommend giving it a shot if you are in the area.  Here’s a link to their website, which includes the full menu:  They are located at 1202 FM 685 Suite B5, in the Pflugerville Office Park. 


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