“Is Everyone in Austin this Friendly?”

I have worked with buyers relocating to Austin, Texas for almost 12 years now.  Of course, I also work with sellers and local buyers, too.  Many of the people that are coming from other states are quick to note how friendly everyone seems.

First, it starts at their hotel (or perhaps at the airport) when they arrive.  Those who are employed in the travel and hospitality industries could certainly be expected to be friendlier than average, since their livelihood depends on it.  The same goes for real estate agents (I hope). 


At some point, after we have spent a few hours together, perhaps enjoying lunch, and probably after we have encountered a few local residents, the question arises:

“Is Everyone in Austin Friendly?”

Well, I wish I could confidently say, “Yes, everyone is friendly here”, but that would be a lie.  However, MOST people in Austin are pretty laidback and friendly.  I don’t think about it that much, since I have lived here for 20 years now, but it is a terrific environment which makes the quality of life superb.  Often, those considering a move are in simple disbelief that Austinites are not cutting them off in traffic, and that we hold doors open for each other. 

I wouldn’t say that the pace here is slow, but it is certainly relaxed.  I have always described Austin as an optimistic town with a youthful spirit.  With the dramatic growth that has occurred here over the past couple of decades, Austin managed to retain this vibe today.  With its slogan, “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD”, the city has done a lot to promote local small businesses.  This slogan was so popular that it spread to other cities around the U.S., including Portland, Tampa, Raleigh, NC, Albuquerque, and more. 

The natural beauty of the lakes, parks, and hill country make Austin a cool place to live, so naturally we are a happy bunch.  I can’t think of anywhere else that I would rather raise my children. 

Looking for a friendly town?  Look no further – Austin, Texas is the place to be!

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