Excited about the future – An assortment of my thoughts

Over the past year or so, I have had a shift in perspective that has been refreshing.  I have re-discovered my love of writing, and I have made a ton of new friends, not just in the virtual world, but in person and on the phone as well.  Frankly, two of my closest friends are people that I have yet to meet face-to-face (and you know who you are).  Additionally, I have gained new spiritual growth with the death of my mentor and friend.  Although I dearly miss him, I know where he is, and I’ll see him again someday.

Along with this, I have grown my company and moved to a new office.  The fresh start is fun and exhilarating.  I would like to add more agents in the upcoming months, along with expanding and improving our agent training.  In fact, I have my eye on a couple of the agents right here on ActiveRain.  Time will tell whether they will join my company.  If not, I still intend for 2009 to be my best income year ever (no small feat).  I know that I have all of the abilities, resources, and personnel to make this happen.

I would like to take a minute or so of your time, if you don’t mind.  Here are some lessons that I have learned in recent months:

If you have your health, you are blessed.  My mother-in-law has lived with us for nearly a year now, in a hospital bed in the front room of our home.  Every day, I watch her struggle with her body, which is stronger than it was, but not strong enough to walk on her own yet.  She is not in pain, but she must get dialysis three times weekly.  I thank God that I am healthy, and I truly understand how fleeting health and life can be sometimes.  Two of my friends died this year, one from cancer and one at his own hand, sadly.  Both men were beacons of light while they were alive.  While I am here, I want to be a beacon, too, if possible.

If you have a spouse and/or children, you have an opportunity every day to affect their lives and to create lasting happiness for yourself and for them (hint and note to self: this DOES NOT come from the money, and it never will).  I will readily admit that I make mistakes with my own family, and I lose my temper and patience sometimes, but they NEVER doubt that I love them.  Fatherhood is a badge of honor, in my humble opinion, and it is not to be taken lightly.  I want to create the kind of relationship that grows and lasts well beyond the first 18 years of their lives. 

Sharing and giving to others is the best reward of all, and you truly reap what you sow.  I used to have a sort of scarcity mentality with regard to real estate, but on Saturday, I was pleased that a number of local agents and a couple of brokers attended my birthday party, just because they like what I write and they wanted to meet me.  This would have been inconceivable to me a couple of years ago.  Three of them made a point to tell me how thankful they were for my help.  I don’t mention this to pat myself on the back, but to illustrate how sharing and teaching can have far-reaching positive effects.  One of the brokers, Russell Lewis, wrote this comment on Jason Sardi’s post earlier:

Excellent tribute. A week or so ago, I called Jason to ask for 15 minutes of his time to learn more about active rain as my learning curve here has been very steep. He was in the process of moving so when I arrived at the office, furniture, files and various office items were spread everywhere. When he walked in I looked up and said “Man, You are one tall drink of water” and he is indeed tall but friendly and not the least bit intimidating. Well after 2 hours, I finally took my leave and i have to tell you Jason is incredibly articulate and has a quick wit and most impressively has an ethical sense that he exudes. i was  so impressed that i have decided to send any business referrals to him for the areas he works in North Austin. Pflugerville, Georgetown etc. I do not spend time in those areas but feel certain that anyone I send to him will receive that same professional service I strive to give to my own clients. if this sounds like an ad, it is. i really enjoyed the time and have to add that he has a great sense of humor too!

 Nuff said! Russell

The concept that a local “competing” broker would offer to send me business in some of the areas I specialize in strikes me as simply amazing.  Thank you, Russell!  As we discussed, I think if we aren’t careful we might end up being good friends. 

Every single day of your life provides a unique platform for growth and interaction.  I used to squander these golden chances with regularity, but not anymore.  This may sound trite, but I can feel something powerful striving to be released from within me.  When I take the time to look around me and really notice people and their situations, my business grows and so does my soul in some small measure.  Rather than just being a good real estate broker, I am striving to be a good man.  That encompasses a lot of different areas, but I feel like I am up for the challenge. 

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts tonight.

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