My first webinar (as a teacher) was a cool experience! Social Networking & Blogging 101

My SEO company invited me to conduct a webinar yesterday for their clients about blogging and social media/social networking.  Overall, it went really well!  I wasn’t nervous at all until about two minutes before we went “live”, but it passed quickly.

This was a Social Networking and Blogging 101 class, basically to get newbies to understand the value of using both of these as business tools, and where and how to take the first steps. 

Since it was my first attempt at conducting a “live” webinar, I didn’t promote it at all, and none of their customers for this one were even in the real estate industry.  We had seven attendees, and the conversation flowed well.  I even managed to impress myself by sounding like someone who understands this stuff when I was listening to the recording later.


The host was using a wireless connection on his laptop rather than wired, so the recorded podcast cuts out a lot in the middle.  It was 51 minutes long, and the first 10-15 minutes were mostly fine, then it gets very difficult to understand, much like a bad cell phone call (“Can you hear me now?  Good.”)

We talked about it, and we decided to re-record this first episode after Thanksgiving, probably in the first week of December.

I have to admit that I am really anxious to do it again.  It was a rush being live with actual listeners and questions.  I was hoping to post the podcast here on my blog, and I should be able to do that after our re-recording occurs. 

Overall, it was a cool experience, and it made me crave the opportunity to teach this stuff to more people. 

I promise that I will post a link to the next one once we have it completed. 

Thanks for reading!


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