I have a few suggestions for new ActiveRain “specialty days”

Having watched the advent of “Wordless Wednesday” and “Speechless Sunday”, whcih feature posts with some lovely photographs, I decided that the time had come for a handful of new theme days.  If you have read my (now classic) post about abbreviations/acronyms, this one is in much the same vain as that gem.  Like that one, this is not to be taken seriously on any level.  I was just bored.  By the way, here’s the old one for your reference: Some Suggestions for New Abbreviations – Do you LOL often?


So, let’s get started.  First, we need to fill in the extra days not covered so far, right?  Here are my suggested new days:

  • Mute Monday
  • Terse Tuesday
  • Tongue-Tied Thursday
  • Fall Silent Friday
  • Shhhhh Saturday

But what about those days when you have a LOT to say?  Perhaps you have a rant in mind.  I have that covered, too, with:

  • Manic Monday (you knew it was coming)
  • Temper-Tantrum Tuesday
  • Whiny Wednesday
  • Throwing-stuff Thursday
  • Fed-Up Friday
  • Screaming Saturday
  • Sundays are a day of rest – wait until Monday to do your rant 🙂

Maybe you don’t have a rant up your sleeve.  Instead, you just have a LOT to say.  I mean, a LOT.  You don’t even have pictures at all.  Instead, you are in the mood to fill up the screen with a wall of words and no paragraph breaks (not recommended, by the way).  Here are your very own special days:

  • Mundane Monday
  • Tiresome Tuesday
  • Wearisome Wednesday  
  • Tedious Thursday
  • Flat Friday
  • Stop It Saturday or Shush Saturday – self-explanatory, I hope
  • Stale Sunday – too harsh?

I hope to see the start of something great with these stellar ideas of mine.  🙂  Thanks for reading, as always!



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