Oh my, Oh me, Look who’s…..three?!! Scenes from a toddler party

A couple of nights ago, we had a birthday party for our younger daughter Abby, who had turned three earlier in the week.  One of the nice things when they are this age is that you can wait a few days to tell them that they’ve had a birthday.  When they are older, there’s more pressure.

We had some of our best friends over to celebrate Abby’s big day (two other families – ten kids total).  It was a really nice evening, complete with a Winnie the Pooh cake, balloons, and a good-sized stack of gifts for the birthday girl. 

Not surprisingly, she was actually very excited about getting clothes from my mom.  Abby is a bit of a fashionista, and she likes to change outfits several times each day if we let her.

Aleah (who is almost eight now) reported,

“Wow!  That was really fun!  I never would have expected to have that much fun at Abby’s party.  I hope I have that much fun at my own party.” 

Since Aleah’s birthday is very close to the due date for our new baby, we are planning to have her party a couple of weeks early just in case.

Speaking of the new baby, I can’t believe how quickly the arrival is approaching.  We are less than two weeks from our due date already!  However, if our pattern holds, this baby will be about a week late.  Time will tell.  Maybe God has something different in store for us this time around.

I hope you enjoy some of the snapshots that I took!



























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