Cute Stuff from our 3-Year Old

Abby, our three-year-old daughter, is ridiculously cute.  If she had her way, she would spend most of the day cuddling our newborn baby girl, petting and kissing her head. 

I have had a bunch of people ask me, “Is your toddler jealous?” and I have to laugh, because that has never crossed her mind.  Instead, she likes to come up with new nicknames for Jenny (Genevieve), including:

  • Jen Jen or Jenner – kinda obvious
  • Gingerbread – I like this one!
  • Sugar Baby Strawberry – This is my personal favorite

Then, she forayed into “just plain odd” nickname territory, with these gems:

“Mama, can I call the baby ‘ointment’?”

“Can I call her ‘books’?”

Now it was clear that she was just looking around the room at random objects. 

Another fun new trend for Abby is her cool new lingo, which mainly involves dropping the last syllable or word in a sentence, such as, “I don’t want!” or “I am thirst.” (seems a bit profound now that I see it written), or “I love Sugar Babe Strawb!” (see above for explanation on this one). 

One of my jobs as a dad is to get our three older kids to bed each night since my wife is taking care of the baby, which usually includes storytime as well.  Abby is about 5 years younger than our oldest daughter, so she gets her own special time with me before I get the big kids headed off to brush their teeth, etc.

The other night, just after I turned off the overhead light, Abby said, “I wanna talk.”

“Okay, sweetie, what do you want to talk about?”

“What CAN we talk about, Dad?”

I could tell that this was going to be an interesting conversation.

“Well, would you like to talk about kitty cats?”








I went through at least 50-75 possible topics with her, including every member of our immediate and extended family, different types of weather, TV shows, with a few silly items thrown in for good measure, and I was starting to wind down:


“No, dad.”




“YES!  Tell me a story about rainbows, dad.”

So I did. 

She loved it, then she fell asleep in about 25 seconds flat.

I love my life.

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