Have You Ever Wondered Just How Long An ActiveRain Post Title Could Be? Well, I’m Doing My Best to Figure This Out For You. I Will Let You Know the Answer Once I Have It – In Fact, Maybe I Should Just Put the Answer Right Here in the Headline? Nah…..

I have written before about the power of writing a good headline.  In fact, I think having the ability to generate interesting and descriptive headlines can make or break one’s blogging “career”.

If you read the title above, you can see that I am in a relatively silly mood today.  I had tested the limits of the ActiveRain headline before, but all I had determined previously was that there was an actual limit.  Today, I know the answer to the (rather long-winded) question above.

So, how long can an AR post headline be?  255 characters!

When I had tried to exceed the maximum space before in the interest of fun, I received an error message, but it didn’t give me any specifics.  Kudos to the AR programmers, since I saw the following message today:

Title is too long (maximum is 255 characters)

I have seen a trend toward longer headlines lately.  In fact, I have found that these are sometimes the most entertaining posts around. 

It’s hard to imagine a newspaper allowing this much space in their headlines, which is one reason why blogging gives all of us more freedom than traditional media outlets.

I will be interested to see two things from this particular post:

  • How it looks on the Blogs page – it should stand out, right?
  • How many people actually click on it – I probably would   🙂

Thanks for reading!


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