600,000 Points and 900 Posts Later, I Think I’m Starting to Get the Hang of This Blogging Thing

I hit two interesting milestones this week, eclipsing the 600,000-point mark and writing my 900th post on AR.  When I started on ActiveRain 25+ months ago, I remember being excited about the first 10,000 points, then the first 25,000, and so on.  Over time, this journey has taken me places that I never would have imagined.  I can confidently state that I am not the same person who started here in August 2007.  Well, technically, I am the same, but I have discovered a lot of new stuff about myself. 

I don’t intend to rehash every bit of media exposure, or every sale, referral, or success story that I have had during my time here, although they are plentiful. 

Instead, I will make a few brief observations and tips, some of which may be helpful for AR newbies:

  • ActiveRain has taught me to be a better writer, communicator, teacher, and student.
  • ActiveRain actually helped to restore my faith in humanity last year, when I was still a relative newbie, and my friends here sent $5,000 to help my good friend who was dying of cancer to keep his home (still amazed by this)
  • This place can still get you a LOT of Google juice, if you do things correctly
  • The connections made here are invaluable.  For me, they have led to an online radio show hosting gig, potential book deal, and numerous coaching/consulting jobs.
  • The staff of ActiveRain cares about their members.  I haven’t found any other online communities that have public faces that are also readily accessible by cell phone.
  • I have watched a lot of people come and go over the past two years – I miss some of my “old” friends sometimes. 
  • It’s important and exciting to turn your “virtual” friends into “real life” friends.  Social networking is not meant to replace phone calls or face-to-face meetings.  Instead, it enhances them.
  • Blogging is not that difficult – write from your heart or about things that interest you, and it will start to come more easily over time.  My first posts didn’t get any comments, either, and now I have over 36,000 of them! 
  • I never thought that so many people would actually pay attention to the things I say and write.  I have an online “audience” of over 17,000 now, spread across various networks.  This was inconceivable a few short years ago.
  • The points come easier the longer you are here – also, you realize how unimportant they really are.  It’s the people and information that really matter.
  • ActiveRain is filled with helpful people.  If you have a question, just ask.  You can feel free to call me anytime at 512-796-7653 (cell). 

Here’s my current “box score”, if you will:

As always, thanks very much for reading!



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